Mindfulness course

Mindfulness course What you will learn Mindfulness is a great tool to reduce stress and suffering and at the same time find more joy and focus. Read below some typical examples where mindfulness can help. >> >> Filip (38) has short periods of days/weeks that he feels low. It’s in these periods that he starts questioning […]

For these people, mindfulness meditation doesn’t make much sense

Mindfulness meditation is not suited for everyone. First of all, you need to be calm. If you’re restless, easily distracted (or worse: you feel bored) during meditation, then it’s definitely not for you. Second, meditating shouldn’t take any effort. You should be able to easily hold a steady focus. If you’re losing your focus more […]

6 questions that help you reaching personal change in a mindful way

Many of us want to change. We want to get rid of bad habits like smoking or getting stressed easily. Or we want to learn new positive habits, like meditating or doing sports. Ambition is beautiful. Just if we don’t watch out, then the need for self-care which drives the ambition to change, will become […]

Should I adapt myself or change my life?

“Festivals”“Public transport”“Supermarkets” For many HSPs, these words are associated with stress. That’s no wonder. These are common situations where HSPs tend to feel overwhelmed easily. Feeling overwhelmed is the complaint I hear most often in the Mindfulness for HSP-workshops I give. It’s a problem, not just because overwhelming causes a lot of stress. It’s particularly a […]