Learn to sense your needs better

Everyone of us is born with basic needs, like the need for support or the need to be protected. No childhood is perfect, there is/are always need(s) that were insufficiently met. Unmet needs stick with us; we keep looking for satisfaction of these needs throughout our lives in indirect, unconscious ways that can often lead to frustration and pain. At the same time, we might not be consciously aware what it really is what we need.
In this 3-session workshop we will do some easy  exercises taken from Pesso therapy that can help you connecting with an unmet need and satisfying this need.
Dates: 17-3, 24-3, 31-3 (16.00-16.55).







Note: if you like to register for multiple workshops, then you can save time by using this form: https://mindandemotions.nl/registration-workshops/


Mar 17 2023


16:00 - 16:50