Dealing with procrastination course

What you will learn

Procrastination is a common and often persistent problem. This course aims to offer a fundamental approach that goes beyond popular tips and tricks.

Using emotion focused & mindfulness exercises, you will grow awareness of what blocks you. It could be for example that your actual project(s) are not in line with your gut feeling, that (most often hidden) self-image sensitivities are active or that your inner critic is making you paralysed. Awareness of what blocks you will already have a transformative effect. But you will also learn to deal with whatever blocks you. Self-compassion is an important tool here.

You will learn to connect better with what sets you in motion: your primary emotions. Feeling your primary emotions better will by definition activate you (each emotion has an inherent action tendency). Your primary (or gut) feeling is a much more potent and healthy source of motivation than your inner critic.

About me

The course is taught by me, Francisco Beisterveld. I’m a certified mindfulness trainer and EFT-therapist. I work also as a POH-GGZ for the student GP’s office de Uithof/Janskerkhof in Utrecht and GP’s office UT Campus in Enschede. More information about me you can find here.


  • Language: English
  • Price: free with a Dutch health insurance
  • As I work under the supervision of a GP, the costs are fully and automatically paid by your health insurer. This is the case for every person with a Dutch health insurance, regardless of the insurance policy or the health insurance company. Costs are billed as GP services. In The Netherlands, GP services (like when you visit a GP) are fully covered. You won’t receive a bill. And your own deductible (“eigen risico”) will not be used. And you don’t need to declare the costs yourself, the billing is done automatically. 
  • If you don’t have a Dutch health insurance, then the course fee is 200 euro.
  • Location: online through zoom
  • Number of sessions: 8 + 1 optional follow-up session


There are 8 weekly live online group sessions. The February edition is extended with an extra session, so 9 sessions in total. During the sessions we do exercises. Some exercises we do together, some exercises you do in pairs (in ‘breakout’ rooms). There’s also opportunity to reflect on your experiences with the home exercises.

In between the sessions you do (almost daily) home exercises which take between 10-30 minutes a day. There is an option to do some exercises with a course buddy, but you can also do all exercises alone if you prefer.

Attendance is obligatory. You can miss maximum 1 session. 

Upcoming editions

22 February

Dates: 22 February, 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 March, 5, 12, 19 April

Time: 17.00-18.00