Self-compassion course

What you will learn

Self-compassion is very important for emotional well-being. Every human being is confronted with hardships and emotional pain at times. When we can acknowledge our struggle and pain in those moments and treat ourselves with warmth and kindness, then our suffering will be less. Just think of the situation that a mother comforts her child who just hurt himself; her compassion doesn’t make the pain immediately go away. But the child will feel so much better than without this compassionate attention.

Research shows that self-compassion is even more important for emotional stability than self-esteem.  

In this course you will learn to connect with your own capacity for (self-)compassion and to apply it in moments of hardship. 

Note for people with strong self-criticism: self-compassion doesn’t mean the absence of self-criticism. Both can exist next to each other.


There are 8 weekly live online group sessions. During the sessions some theory and exercises will be explained. Usually there are one or two exercises which we do together.

In between the sessions, there are home exercises. 

About the trainer

The course is taught by me, Francisco Beisterveld. I’m a certified mindfulness trainer and EFT-therapist. I work also as a POH-GGZ for the student GP’s office de Uithof/Janskerkhof in Utrecht and GP’s office UT Campus in Enschede. More information about me you can find here.


  • Language: English
  • Price: free. If you have a Dutch health insurance (this includes AON) then all sessions are fully paid by your insurance company. As I offer my services as a POH-GGZ under the supervision of a GP, my sessions are billed like regular GP visits. In The Netherlands GP visits are covered by your “basispakket”, your deductible is not used for it nor will you receive a bill.
  • Location: online through zoom
  • Number of sessions: 8 + optional follow-up session

For whom is this course

This course can be valuable for everyone. It can be especially valuable:

  • if you experience strong self-criticism
  • if you have a low self-image
  • if you struggle with perfectionism
  • if you struggle with procrastination

Upcoming editions

27 February (Mondays)

Dates: 27 February, 6, 13, 20, 27 March, 3, 10, 17 April

Time: 16.00-16.45