Self-development Circle for HSPs

What is it about

This circle is intended for people who regard themselves as above average sensitive. In this circle you learn how to recognise and handle strong emotions, overstimulation, high stress, triggering situations and deal with habits like for example rumination, shutting off, giving in or acting out.

Every 2 weeks there’s a group session led by me (Francisco). In this session new theory/exercises are introduced. Every other week there’s a sharing session, where group members can share about their personal experiences. I’m not present at these sharing sessions.

The main ‘method’ we use is mindfulness. But we also use theory and exercises from other fields, like Emotion Focused Therapy and somatic experiencing.

Themes we will work with:
– managing overstimulation
– recognising overarousal
– schemas (sensitivities) and their triggers
– rumination
– joy
– negative beliefs
– communication/assertiveness
– self-compassion

With the Continuous Self Development Circle for sensitive persons, I try to offer an environment that helps you on your personal journey. First of all, having a group of people around you on a similar journey helps you finding and keeping focus and motivation. Second, the different themes which I introduce regularly (for example self-acceptance or negative thought patterns) can serve as orientation point in your personal journe


The Continuous Self Development Circle for HSPs costs 80 euro per two months. There are reduction possibilities for people with no or little income, the general guideline is that you pay what you can afford. So in case you don’t have any income then you can join for free. There’s no subscription: after each 2 months cycle you can decide to continue or not.

About me

The circle is facilitated by me, Francisco Beisterveld. I’m a certified mindfulness trainer and EFT-therapist. I work also as a POH-GGZ for the student GP’s office de Uithof/Janskerkhof in Utrecht and GP’s office UT Campus in Enschede. More information about me you can find here.

For whom is this circle

This Circle is meant for people with an above average sensitivity. With this I mean a strong social sensitivity and a strong sensitivity for stimuli like sounds, moods and environments. Personally I don’t believe in a fixed category like ‘Highly Sensitive Persons’, but if you can identify (to some extent) with that label, then you’re at the right spot. People with complex trauma tend to fit in as well. The circle is less suitable for people who find themselves higher on the autism spectrum.


There’s no fixed starting date and no fixed end date. You can join anytime. You pay for per cycle of 2 months. After each cycle, you can decide yourself whether you like to stay in the group or not. Every now and then new people join and people leave. There are now about 5-7 people. 


  • Are you interested? You can join a session without any commitment. Just send me (Francisco) an email: