What is the best course for my situation?

What is the best course for my situation? Sometimes people can find it difficult to choose between the different course which I offer. In the table below you can find some suggestions based on the main challenge you like to deal with. You can also contact me for personal advice. Stress You experience high stress […]

Non-Dutch residents

Course & workshop fees when you are living outside The Netherlands Generally, participants in my courses and workshops are from all over the world, but they tend to live in The Netherlands. My courses and workshops are however open to anyone. Regarding the fees, I like to make a distinction between countries with a high […]

Reducing self-criticism course

Reducing self-criticism What you will get out of this course Strong self-criticism can be experienced as a heavy burden and a constant source of stress. People suffering from it might try a host of approaches including self-affirmations and CBT, but these approaches generally have little lasting effects.  In this course you will directly transform your self-criticism, […]

Unfinished business with parents

Unfinished business with parents course What you will learn The relationship we have with our parents is fundamental for all relationships we have in our lives, including the relationship with ourselves.  Many of us experience lingering, unresolved feelings related to one or both of our parents, such as hurt or resentment. We can also feel […]

Procrastination course

Dealing with procrastination course What you will learn Procrastination is a common and often persistent problem. This course aims to offer a fundamental approach that goes beyond popular tips and tricks. We will work with ‘the inner coach’. The goal is to learn to activate yourself without being harsh to yourself.   [More information will […]

Resourcing exercises for strong anxiety/panic

Resourcing exercises for strong anxiety/panic What you will learn The best way to deal with fear is by attending to it. Whether you do Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, other forms of therapy or mindfulness, the instruction is always to confront yourself with your fears. Yet for some people this might be a step too far, like […]

Stress regulation Course

Stress regulation course What you will learn In this course you will learn how to deal with stress.  First we will take a closer look at what stress is and the two kinds of challenges we can have with stress; too much (hyperarousal) and too little (hypoarousal). You will learn different techniques that can help […]

Self-compassion course

Self-compassion course What you will learn Self-compassion is very important for emotional well-being. Every human being is confronted with hardships and emotional pain at times. When we can acknowledge our struggle and pain in those moments and treat ourselves with warmth and kindness, then our suffering will be less. Just think of the situation that […]

Emotional Intelligence Course

Emotional Intelligence course What you will learn Emotions can be confusing. They can be frightening. They can overwhelm us. They can dictate what we do although we try so hard to control ourselves.In short, handling emotions can be a big challenge. Yet if we want to live a satisfying life, guided but not ruled by […]

Mindfulness course

Mindfulness course What you will learn Mindfulness is a great tool to reduce stress and suffering and at the same time find more joy and focus. Read below some typical examples where mindfulness can help. >> >> Filip (38) has short periods of days/weeks that he feels low. It’s in these periods that he starts questioning […]